Tarp Securement Fasteners

Contains miscellaneous fasteners such as Turn, Snap and Button fasteners and anchor devise such as Footman Loops and tarp hooks.

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Snap, Button Snap Stud
Button Snap Stud (Dot 93-Bs-10379-1A) ..
Snap, 3/8" Button Snap Screw Stud
3/8" Button Snap Screw Stud (Dot 93-X8-109344-1A). ..
Snap, 5/8" Button Snap Screw Stud
5/8" Button Snap Screw Stud (Dot 93-Xb-103937-1A). ..
Snap, Button Snap Cap
Button Snap Cap (Dot 93-X2-10128-1A) ..
Snap, Button Snap Socket
Button Snap Socket (Dot 93-Xb-10224-1A). ..
Snap, Button Snap Post
Button Snap Post (Dot 93-Bs-10412-1A). ..
Fastener, 5/8" Turn Button Screw Stud
5/8" Turn Button Fastner Screw Stud (Dot-91Xx-783157-1A) ..
Fastener, Turn Button Washer
Turn Button Washer (Dot 91-Bs-78505-1A) ..
Fastener, Turn Button Eyelet
Turn Button Eyelet (Dot 91-Bs-78403-2A) ..
Snap Hook,  1" Webbing - Steel
1" Webbing Snap Hook, Steel Wire #142-A Zinc Plated. ..
Buckle, 1" Adjuster
1" Adjuster Buckle. Used On 1” Webbing For Adjusting The Strap. ..
Buckle, 1" Webbing, Male End - HD Plastic
1" Webbing Buckle, Male End – HD Plastic. ..
Buckle, 1" Webbing, Female End - HD Plastic
1" Webbing Buckle, Female End – Plastic. ..
Buckle, 1" Webbing Push-Button
1" Webbing Buckle, Push-Button #3105 Zinc Plated. ..
Buckle Set, 1" Heavy Duty Plastic
1" Heavy Duty Plastic Buckle Set ..
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