Tree and Nursery Tarps

We stock a 16’W X 50’L (4’ drop) Tree/Nursery Tarp in black mesh with grommets on the hem and 2 rows of D-rings on all 4 sides. Custom sizes and colors available.


We do offer Tarp Repair Services at our 2 locations just ask for an Estimate when you drop them off.

Go to Request Quote and Submit your information along with the type of trailer, Width & Length of Trailer  and let us know what you carry, also let us know how many rows of D-Rings you want on the drops & Flap.

A Zamzow Customer Service Representative will respond back to you as soon as possible with information about your request.

Tarp Flat, 16'W X 50'L Black Mesh - Tree Tarp
16'W X 50'L Nursery/Tree Tarp, Black Mesh - 4' Drop Tarp. Grommets on the hem, every 24” with 2 row..
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