20"W Modular Ramp Set And Parts

We are an Authorized Dealer for Heavy Duty Ramps and carry in stock the Modular 20”W X 96.5”L X 5”H Load Leveler / Ramp Combination Set Rated at 23,500 lbs. for Step Decks and Flatbeds.

This combination ramp set contains (4) Ramps, (2) Adjustable Stands ((2) Left Hand Stakes (2) Right Hand Stakes (for turning 2 ramps into load levers) (6) Lumber Clips (4) 36”L Aluminum Skid Seats or Optional 36”L Steel Skid Seats (2) Double Right Ramp Hangers (2) Double Left Ramp Hangers (2) Stand Hangers. Custom ramps available for all applications and load ratings.

Go to Request Quote and Submit your information and the trailer Make, Model, Width and length, a description or products you are hauling, and other specific information such as quantity needed, size of ramps required, weight rating. Upload pictures with your request to assist in identifying items.

A Zamzow Customer Service Representative will respond back to you as soon as possible with information about your request.

Ramp Kit, Ramp / Load Leveler 20"W Kit, (H.D. Ramps) WLL 23,500 Lb.
Heavy Duty Ramps – 20" H.D. Load Leveler / Ramp Combination Aluminum Kit WLL 23,500 Lb. We..
Ramp Heavy Duty, Aluminum 20"W,  Ramp / Load Leveler - WLL 23,500 Lb. (PAIR)
20"W Aluminum Heavy Duty Ramp / Load Leveler Combination (20"W X 96.5"L X 5"T) - WLL 23,500 Lb...
Ramp Knee Brace, Trailer Deck Support
Heavy Duty Ramps Knee Brace, Replaces Removed Trailer Deck Support. You may need to remove one or t..
Ramp Stand, Adjustable (PAIR)
Heavy Duty Ramps, Adjustable Aluminum Ramp Stands (18" - 24"H). Sold In Pairs. ..
Ramp Pin, Steel Rod 20"L - Replacement Stand Rod
Heavy Duty Ramps Stand (3/4" X 20") Steel Rod. Replacement Stand Rod Used To Pin Ramps To Ramp ..
Ramp Pin - Stand
Heavy Duty Ramps Stand Pin (3/4" X 4 1/4") Steel. Replacement Pin For The Stand Adjustments. ..
Ramp Retainer, Hitch Pin Clip
Heavy Duty Ramps, Hitch Pin Retainer Clip (For 3/4" & 5/8" Hitch Pins). Used On All H.D. Pins. ..
Ramp Stake, 20" Right Hand Stake
Heavy Duty Ramps 20" Right Hand Stake. For Turning Ramp Into A Load Leveler. Take stake and pull ou..
Ramp Stake, 20" Left Hand Stake
Heavy Duty Ramps 20" Left Hand Stake. For Turning Ramp Into A Load Leveler. Take stake and pull out..
Ramp Pin - Inserts
Heavy Duty Ramps Insert Pin (5/8" X 4 1/4") Steel. Replacement Pin For All Inserts. ..
Ramp Lumber Clip, For 5"T Ramps
Heavy Duty Ramps Lumber Clip For 5" Tall Aluminum Ramps Place 3 Lumber Clips on top of ramp, spaced..
Ramp Skid Seat, 36"L Aluminum - Ramp Mounting Bracket
Heavy Duty Ramps, 36" Aluminum Skid Seat (Ramp Mountingt Bracket). Installed on the rear of trailer..
Ramp Skid Seat, 36"L Steel - Ramp Mounting Bracket
Heavy Duty Ramps, 36" Steel Skid Seat – Ramp Mounting Bracket. Installed on the rear of Steel ..
Ramp Pin, Steel Rod 36"L - Replacement Skid Seat Rod
Heavy Duty Ramps Skid Seat (3/4" X 36") Steel Rod. Replacement Rod Used To Pin Ramps To Aluminum Or ..
Ramp Hanger Bracket, 5" Double Ramps - Right Side
Heavy Duty Ramps 5" Double Right Ramp Hanger. Holds 2 each 5”T X 8’L Aluminum Ramps. Installed to ..
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